Saturday, 23 May 2009

Craig a Barns 23.05.09

Today I headed up to Dunkeld with Damien to do some tradding. However the weather had other ideas and so after a short while sitting in the rain at Upper Cave we decided to head over to Myopic's. We were not alone in our thoughts and met Boo, Mike and Ali hiding from the downpour. I went to put up the clips in Chopping Block and was warming up nicely having pulled through the roof and rested at the next clip. I started off again heading for the top and then as I was clipping the second to last bolt I suddenly found myself travelling rather swiftly towards the ground. All was well until the rope came tight and pulled me back into the rock, as it was this happened rather aggressively and as I put my feet out to safegaurd more important bodily parts there was a rather loud smack. This turned out to be my right ankle and it was with much dissapointment that I spent the rest of the day lying on a bouldering mat pointing my foot upwards. Later I went to A&E in Edinburgh as my ankle swelled up to a good apple size and much inconclusive poking and two x-rays led to a conclusion of sheared bone on the left side and a possible fracture on the right (back next week for more poking so watch this space!) Overcoming the shmega-fest associated with damp forest and polished shist Damo and Ali had a good day getting the red-point on Chopping Block and working the moves on Granola Head whilst Mike red-pointed Granola Head and The Vibes. A good day for those uninjured.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

North Berwick Law 11.05.09

I've been busy revising for exams recently and so haven't been able to get out much unfortunately. However after next week I am off until October so I can't really complain!
Today I made the most of the beatiful weather in Edinburgh and headed for an evening of sport at North Berwick with Andy. The climbing was quite crimpy but on excellent rock with plentiful bolts. We did Wild Iris, Necktie and Law & Disorder as well as playing on Fogtown.