Monday, 27 September 2010

Stuff in September 27/09/10

After Rich got the motocross bike last month we were out playing in East Lothian and I fancied shooting some video so we spent a day making this short video;

The following week Rich returned the favour and filmed me biking down Spooky Woods at Glentress;

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy video editing and will definitely be doing some more in the future! We also got some new editing software which reads the GoPro files so I will be able to do some proper editing without any of the funny subtitles that appeared on my edits from last winter. I've been loving the GoPro camera and how easy and versatile it is, I would thoroughly recommend it; I've been using it a lot recently for both motocross and mountain biking.

I did some more local road and mountain biking and spent a long weekend with the family up in Aviemore which was great fun. We spent a day through in Fort William watching a round of the Scottish Downhill Association racing which was incredible, those guys go seriously fast through some mental terrain!

After my psyche increased dramatically Sean let me borrow his Speciaized Demo for a day of downhill at Innerleithen which turned out to be everything I expected! I am on the hunt for a downhill bike now as it was a lot of fun!

It's been another great month, I've not been out climbing much and psyche levels are low due to ongoing wetness, I'm really getting into the biking though and trying to make the most of my free time before I start back at uni at the beginning of next month. Hopefully my timetable is as minimal as last year and I am able to continue getting out and about!