Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Welsh Visitor 19/07/10-25/07/10

After a very warm week spent relaxing by the pool in Portugal I had planned to get out climbing most of this week. Unfortunately the weather dictated otherwise and with showers forecasted for most of the week Ieuan and I tried to do some things that weren't dependent on dry rock! After Ieuan arrived on Monday we did a great cycle on Tuesday taking in some good hills on a lovely circuit.
Wednesday say us out in the rain in East Lothian at a KTM Off-Road Motocross Day ( which was incredible, and whilst pretty knackering was definitely the most fun I have had for a while. We had a nice day recovering on Thursday with some good weather meaning we could have a play on the slackline, and watching the controversial and decisive Tour stage up the Col du Tourmalet.
On Friday we were back out at the KTM School tearing up the grass and thrashing two-stroke motorbikes which was again great fun, unfortunately I picked up a bit of a strain in my left wrist and the tendons have been very stiff so I will be resting it from climbing for a while, but hopefully should get out cycling a bit more.
With nicer weather again on Saturday we decided to head out wakeboarding at Lochearnhead which is the first time I have been this year, after only getting out once last year as well. It was a fantastic day and the water was very flat and warm enough for summer suits, I was super stoked to land a pop-shuvit and almost get a wake-to-wake 180 after such a time off but it was so much fun that it will definitely not be the last ride this summer!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Back to Cambusbarron 05/07/10

With nice weather at the start of the week before forecasted deterioration, I was keen to get out climbing before heading down to London for an overnight trip, then hopefully driving round the noth coast on the motorbike with Sarah if the weather permits, and finally spending a week in Portugal with most of my family. Greg, Sarah and I headed to Cambus' and I was psyched to get on Gobi Roof after having seen it last time. Negating the benefits of warming up I jumped straight on and got bomber gear at waist height before trying to rearrange my left foot whilst holding the crimp, this obviously didn't work and I sunk onto the gear.

Slightly disappointing, especially as I had less than a minute rest before getting the route on the ground up attempt, but pleased to have gotten a clean E2. The route seems to have a stiff reputation but it was probably not E2 if you are over 5'10", as there is only one moderately powerful move from good holds to more good holds with solid gear at your waist. Above the climbing eases but is still interesting with some sandy moves.

Sarah then did well to second Ramplin' and seemed to enjoy it too which was good. We then headed into the Inner Quarry for Greg to have a play on some of the gnarlier routes as a good finish to another good day.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Isle of Lewis Trip 27/06/10-04/07/10

I can't believe its July already, although my tan would disagree!

Over the past week I have been on holiday up on Lewis with Sarah, Greg and co which has been good fun. Unfortunately the weather wasn't always on our side and if it wasn't torrential rain then the winds were strong. We did have some nice weather though and the beaches and general scenery definitely, almost, made up for the rain. There was one upside to the rain in the form of HS1 cafe; which serve generous portions of excellent food, mostly topped with cream, sprinkles, custard, ice cream or all of the above in our case!

Greg and I made it out climbing on two occassions; the first to Dalbeg and the second to a very inspiring Mangersta. I don't know if I was tired or we weren't at the best venues for my grade but I wasn't overly impressed with the Lewisian Gneiss, again perhaps I was missing something. Greg had a good trip ticking the tricky looking Killer Fingers and I passed the day by taking photos of wales, sharks and ganets, fishing or doing easier routes.

A good holiday and a great place to have visited and seen, but I don't know if I will be going back anytime soon!