Monday, 9 January 2012

Training Again 09/01/12

After a good Christmas of catching up, chilling out and generally indulging I have been back on the tools in Newtyle again due to a distinct lack of winter. I'd had one short session working Torchlite before winter arrived back in early December so was keen to get back on that and have had two sessions working the moves. After a rest day yesterday (aka ten hours of Xbox) I was feeling pretty psyched and since I had made consecutive high points on my last visit up to the crux moves I was hoping the route would go down today. I warmed up and was feeling psyched but ended up getting flash pumped and ran out of steam near the top, feeling slightly despondent I lowered down and decided to have a long rest and eat...a lot! Feeling much better and after all having a good laugh (with Adam trying the death slab pendulum a few times) and now not feeling any pressure I jumped on again and managed to battle through to my previous high point and man up and finish the crux moves into and through the scoop! Super psyched!

Everyone else has been making progress on their projects too and the send train is surely coming again soon.