Sunday, 24 July 2011

NW Trip 22/07/11-24/07/11

With a little time left and some good weather before I start 6 weeks of internship I was pretty keen to get out climbing again. Neil, Scott and Sophie were also free so after a few days of mountain biking and wakeboarding we headed up to Reiff for two days followed by a day at Ardmair.

We visited a number of the crags which was good and did lots of climbing. The weather was stunning and after cranking out a number of easier routes we finished the day climbing the classic Black Gold.

After another morning waking up by the sea (a theme this year!) we headed back to Reiff and had some more fun on a whole bunch of routes. I was psyched to get another E1 onsight and it was another brilliant day, what more could you want!

We finished the trip with much fun at Ardmair again cranking up some brilliant routes! More excellent weather. North-west is best!