Friday, 12 June 2009

X-ray's and diagnosis

After a check up at the fracture clinic and another x-ray I finally have a conclusive diagnosis; the talus bone is fractured and I have torn two ligaments. As the fractured bone carries blood to the rest of the foot they don't want the bone to displace as this would cut off the blood supply, so it has to be immobilised for another six weeks. After this my leg will probably resemble a soggy chip as well as needing work to stretch the ligaments back into place. It's not all bad news as I might have secured a job so will at least be able to save up some pennies during recovery!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ankle update 07.06.09

At least the weather has been nice whilst I have been indulging in rest and recovery interspersed with some bouts of hobbling! Further probing at the Fracture Clinic concluded that the ankle is not broken, although it possibly has a hairline fracture. Good news I thought but with continuing discomfort and this Simpsons-esque colour there might be some damage to the tendons/ligaments. The dark bruising up my calf is the worry; as there was no impact to this area the bruising must be from internal damage. With a check up on Friday and physio appointment I will keep you posted.