Friday, 17 July 2009

Camping in the North West and ankle updates

Having had a week of bad luck; loosing my passport and hence having to cancel a holiday to Portugal, deciding to go camping in the North West and having the car bonnet open unexpextedly on the bypass smashing the windscreen, and then the car breaking down North of Ullapool, I was somewhat relieved to have the fracture clinic conclude that the bone has healed and has not displaced. There is however still a lot of weakness in the ankle and they may have to operate depending on the success of physio, fingers crossed that the physio will be able to repair enough of the damage.
Last week I went up to Clachtoll campsite just south of Stoer and spent the week relaxing on the beaches and driving around the beautiful North West Highlands. The weather was changeable but relatively nice and we spent an enjoyable week touring around positively Caribbean-esque white sandy beaches through Ullapool, Lochinver, Stoer, Drumbeg, Loch Assynt and surrounding areas.