Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shooting in the hills 21/12/11

With the weather forecast turning poor I was thinking that winter would be over before Christmas but it turned out that Greg was hooking up with Ian Parnell for a few days to get some climbing done (hopefully!). I didn't have anything else on and was keen to come along and get some photos so we all headed up to Aviemore and discussed options, it was going to have to be early, accessible and high. With a target in mind we braved the wet snow showers across to Carn Etchachan and eventually arrived at the top and I set up an ab rope for photos that the guys could use to access the upper tier and the start of their route. All went relatively well except for the moments of fear jugging back up a dynamic single rope over some granite edges and I got some shots I was happy with. Unfortunately the weather was getting increasingly more humid and everything was fogging up immediately in between lens wipes, but that's part of the game I guess!

Good to be out anyway and again pretty cool to see Greg doing his thing and of course to climb with another guru! Thursday was super warm so we ended up back at Newtyle where Ian sampled some of the tube routes and we had a laugh.

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